Communication Is Key to Successful Office Relocation

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May 16, 2016
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June 1, 2016

Communication Is Key to Successful Office Relocation

As in everything, communication can be the key or the sledgehammer in an office move. You might say, “Duh, where’d you park your squad car, Dick Tracy?!” I think we all know that to have a smooth commercial move, the client and the vendor need to be communicating with each other so that everyone is aware of what is expected. But, even more importantly, there needs to be this same high level of communication within the client and within the office mover. Many office moving projects have been doomed from the very beginning because the person within the client who is juggling the quote process has not been fully informed by the person pulling the purse strings of what they expect.

Case in point, I went on a needs analysis and site survey for a commercial project moving a short distance. I met with a young lady to discuss the things she wanted us to do and formulate a price and a plan. We walked the entire facility and began to formulate a process that would work for her. She had thought everything out and was very clear on what the staff was going to do(which was quite a bit) and what she wanted us to do(which was also quite a bit). As we approached the two areas that belonged to the gentleman in charge of finances, she said, “You will have to talk to him about these two rooms.” As she said this, she was dialing his cell and handed me the phone. He and I discussed the same things as I discussed with her. The only difference being he wanted to do absolutely nothing and be packed and moved “without lifting a finger.” PERFECT! However, he was also planning on his staff doing absolutely nothing! So as I am discussing with him what he wants my mind is racing trying to figure out how to tell them they need to communicate with each other without alienating myself as a viable office mover and service provider. As he and I hung up, I arrived at crunch time. I had to effectively communicate to her that they needed to have a conversation before I could provide an accurate pricing solution. In my best Frazier Crane demeanor we discussed our conversation and the conversation I had with Daddy Warbucks. It was very uncomfortable getting started, but I knew this conversation was crucial and needed to happen now or the move was going to be a disaster. She was frustrated, but appreciated my honesty. We decided a menu type proposal was best and he could decide which way to go. If she was able to do the things she wanted to do, they would realize a nice savings. If not, there would be no surprises during or after the move when the bill comes in.


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