Understanding Moving Services For The Hospitality Industry

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December 8, 2015
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Understanding Moving Services For The Hospitality Industry

Moving or renovating an office, medical facility or other business location can be a daunting task involving multiple departments, a long chain of approvals and logistics from storage to security and other considerations. But moving for a hospitality location such as a hotel has its own special challenges, all of which require experienced professionals who can ensure the attention to detail that your project requires.

Let’s explore some of the issues facing hotels, whether moving to a new location or moving due to renovations.

What’s Included In A Move?

With most major hotel locations undergoing renovations every five to seven years, including guest rooms, conference rooms, lobbies and other key spaces, it’s likely that you’ll require professional moving services a number of times throughout the lifetime of your position at a hotel. But there is also always a first time, so understanding what’s involved and what factors you may need to consider can pave the way to a smoother operation.

Furniture, fixtures and equipment (referred to in industry-speak as FF&E), drapery, carpeting, mattresses and box springs, artwork and even the paint on the walls can be part of a renovation project and necessitate a professional to manage.

And each of these requires one or more professional services that may include warehousing, delivery, installation, disposal and of course inventory management and reporting.

Renovating Vs. Moving Into A New Construction

While each of these has a number of commonalities and require the same attention to detail and quality control, there are different considerations when renovating vs. moving into a new construction.

The most important consideration for a renovation is ensuring a smooth process that doesn’t disturb guests or interfere with the hotel’s overall operations. Removing and replacing furniture, carpets, drapery, equipment and other items should be done with as little disruption as possible, which means renovating strategically floor by floor or one area at a time so noise levels and disruption to space and guest access are minimized.

When undertaking a renovation, scheduling and timing are of the essence. Delays can have a negative effect on the hotel’s ability to book guests or host events, ultimately impacting the hotel’s bottom line. Renovated areas need to be turned around more quickly which means deliveries and installations must be done on time.

A professional moving service experienced in the hospitality industry will understand and effectively manage these logistics.

Choosing A Professional Moving Service

Not all moving companies are created equal. Whether you receive a recommendation or have researched the vast pool of options available to you via the Internet, there are some steps you can take to qualify a company before entrusting your project to them. These are just a few suggestions for vetting a moving company before committing.

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