Preparing For The Challenges Of Moving Medical Records

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November 29, 2015
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December 8, 2015

Preparing For The Challenges Of Moving Medical Records

Moving a medical facility is no small feat. You’ve got specialized equipment to consider, timing and tracking concerns, security issues and more. Even something as simple as deciding on the order in which to equip and furnish a new facility can involve multiple management teams and months or even years of planning.

But while you’re planning to move equipment, furnishings, incidentals and even staff from one location to another, how carefully are you considering moving one of your most valuable and vital assets of all – your medical records?

Hospitals and medical facilities face special challenges when planning and executing a successful move and one of those challenges lies in the quantity and variety of vital and sensitive information that you’re responsible for safeguarding.

From digital to physical paper copies, your hospital and administration is the gatekeeper between patients and identity theft. Think about what you have within your care: social security numbers, driver’s license information, phone numbers, address and credit card data, medical histories and other highly personal details that make hospitals prime targets for thieves.

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